FrontFlip easily allows everyone to develop and control interactive classroom mobile presentations with smartglasses.

User has direct control over PowerPoint presentations from their smart glass. User sees notes, slides, or both, through glass (acts as teleprompter).

This glassware allows the teacher to send out a test or assessment to specific devices, and the students are able to submit their answers. The smartglass will then analyze the answers and provide immediate feedback to the teacher's smartglass unit in a pie chart and student answer grid format.

Gives the teacher/user the ability to both scan and convert images to .doc, .pdf, or .xls. Allowing real-time storage on your Google Drive or emailing the document to parents/students by speaking the selected names.

A teacher toolbox which includes a stopwatch, noise level indicator, and a notepad. Teacher/user will be able to control all glassware in this package with voice commands. The teacher/user will also be able to save their notes in an editable format on their Google Drive; or the teacher can email those notes to a selected contact.

Stream video and sound from any smart glass to a desktop. Allows teachers to connect to other teachers anywhere in the world. Live classroom interactivity with a simple phrase EduTeach.

This supports a teacher and a student in defining words. The user states the word and the smart glass shows the definition, uses the word in a sentence, and pronounces the word.