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Google Glass is moving … and is ready for consumers!!

The new improved version of Google Glass may no longer find its way to consumers but may instead end up in the workplace, a Google-centric site reported.
Citing inside sources, 9to5google.com said Google is planning to distribute the Google Glass “Enterprise Edition” for its Glass for Work partners, which means EduGlasses.
“People familiar with the company’s plans have told 9to5Google that Google is currently planning to distribute the device exclusively through its certified set of Glass for Work partners,” it said.
Also, it said the next Glass will support Glass for Work partners’ proprietary software; also known as EduGlasses Application Package.
Glass for Work’
“Glass for Work partners are being given free (rein) to do what they want with the hardware. And everything Google is shipping, from the device’s larger prism to an external battery pack, is being built according to the feedback of the Glass for Work startups,” it said.
The site added Google’s adding a 5 GHz WiFi band hints at video streaming and connectivity for workplace applications.
9to5google also cited information indicating there are hundreds of Google Glass Enterprise Edition devices in the wild.
This means “Google is clearly testing the device much more broadly and most certainly has plans to make it official in some capacity in the relatively near future,” it said. Joel Locsin/TJD, GMA News


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