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iPad Apps for Students with Disabilities

  iPad Apps Recommended for Students with Disabilities: Learning Disabilities/ Spectrum/ Visual Disabilities

1. Prizmo

Description: Prizmo is an optical character recognition (OCR) suite that allows you analyze documents and images and extract text from them. This text then can be read aloud by the built-in text-to speech functionality of this software. Documents and images can also be captured for reading and OCR by using the camera on the iPhone. This is a mind-mapping software which is great for visual students who need to organize their thoughts visually.  

2. Simplemind+

Description: Simplemind+ is a free mind-mapping app for all iOS devices. With Simplemind+, you can create maps of ideas and thoughts quickly in a highly visual environment. This app is great for visualizing and organizing your ideas and helping you get them down to paper more easily. This is a timer App and is very easy to use – can be used when time management is needed.

3. 30/30

Description: 30/30 is a quick and easy time management app for iOS devices. You can setup a list of tasks you want to do, set how much time to spend on each task, and then just start the timer. 30/30 will alarm you when your time for doing a task is over and then start the timer for the next task. 30/30 even makes room for putting breaks in your schedule so that you don’t over-work yourself.

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