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School Year has Begun!!!

This week in the school has slowed down a little, but has been extremely enhanced through using the EduGlasses platform.   Over the course of the past week, we have been studying the scientific method and I developed my own Jeopardy game for the class to review prior concepts.   I applied this to the EduGlasses platform and was able to manage the “gameshow” in real time without moving between the computer and the classroom.   It is so much more efficient to use the platform in the classroom with free hands, a free mind, and easy classroom management tools at my fingertips.    I used the noise level meter to register student feedback, in real time, and was able to change “jeopardy” slides all with the swipe of a finger.   The student engagement was even recognized by the district superintendent, “Mike Davis elementary has every student engaged, and thats awesome to see…”   I am excited to review the rest of the year with the EduGlasses FrontFlip platform and cant wait to keep everyone updated.



Adam Winkle

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