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Upcoming SmartGlass technology…HUGE name companies in the Mix.

From the last two posts, I know what some educators are thinking.  “How are two products on the market going to revolutionize the classroom?   How can Google Glass and Moverio change the way we teach and move technology?”  I asked the same exact question, and started searching the internet for answers on how many companies are really interested in this SmartGlass technology.  The result was astounding!!!   Today I am going to highlight the four main large companies in the mix of SmartGlasses, along with their estimated release dates.   The following companies have patented, finalized, and developed working prototypes of their smartglasses and have presented their technology at recent summits.  This means that within the next year or two these technologies will be over inundating the market…. so as educators we need to be ready to meet the needs of the students.  (Not to mention these will be priced within reason for the modern consumer)

Lets take a look at the new upcoming technology being released within the next year or two.

LaForge Optical

Product: Icis

Price: $420.                                                                                      Above: Icis

Release Date: Mid-2015                                                                      Image Credit: LaForge Optical

Features: Not much is known about this upcoming smartglass technology, however it is touting a Six-hour battery life and beautiful design to look like a normal pair of glasses. It has prescription eyewear that displays notifications from your phone, and will contain a camera, microphone, speaker, accelerometer, and GPS location system.  The glasses will also have a voice command feature and touch panel for navigation.  If these contain processing that is rumored it will gives us new looks into using smart glasses everyday, within an everyday look.

Sony SmartEyeGlasses

Product: SmartEyeGlass

Price: TBA.                                                                            Release Date: TBA

Features:  Sony has been extremely quiet about their new SmartGlasses, however first publicly shown at CES in Las Vegas, aims to bring notifications and information instantly, and present it right in front of the eyes of the user. For example, while you’re guided to your gate at the airport like in the demo, you could read text messages, get notified of a missed phone call, or snap a photo of something interesting you come across.

Sony announced that the Glasses will come equipped with a wired, hand-held controller you can navigate in the user interface and control the camera that’s integrated in the SmartEyeglass.  Sony’s SmartEyeglass prototype requires an Android phone, and will require an application from the Google Play Market to run the Glass. The interaction between the phone and SmartEyeglass is done over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Technical overview of the SmartEyeglass prototype

  • Binocular see-trough eyewear display.
  • Monochrome green colour (as far as we know)
  • Maximum display brightness: 1000cd/m2.
  • Embedded camera.
  • Accelerometer, gyro, compass and brightness sensors.
  • Microphone.
  • Bluetooth v3.0.
  • WiFi – 802.11b/g/n.
  • Separate controller with touchpad along with power, navigation and camera buttons.


Samsung SmartGlasses

Product: Gear Blink

Price: TBA.

Release Date: TBA

Features:  Samsung has hinted at being the next runner into the SmartGlasses technology game.  According to The Korea Times, Samsung will show off glasses at this year’s IFA trade show in Berlin, which runs from Sept. 5-10. The SmartGlasses are tentatively known as “Gear Blink.”

In October, Samsung registered a design patent for the technology in Korea (pictured). Much like its Galaxy Gear smartwatch, Gear Blink would link to a smartphone or other mobile device to display alerts and other information in the user’s field of view.

Although there is a lot of speculation surrounding this device, if Samsung’s flagship phone, the S5, and their new SmartWatch, the Gear, are any example of their development into new technology genres.  Samsung is following the same path and style as they did when the S5 and Gear were coming down the pike.  In addition, Samsung will undoubtedly strive to be the frontrunner in processing, wireless capability, and storage; which will be exciting to see come September.







Atheer Labs

Product: Atheer One

Price: $500

Timing: December 2014

Features:  Seeing as this smart tech has not been released to the public, its current specs are not completely transparent.  These smartglasses have been featured all over tech news and have been reviewed as “google glass meets 3d.”  These beautiful pieces of tech will contain dual 8-megapixel cameras to monitor surroundings and coordinate Augmented Reality with the real world.  These will sport a 65 degree field of view, which is 3 times the size of the Epson Moverio BT-200s.  It will have a touchscreen panel, ARM processor, accelerometer, GPS, WIFI, Bluetooth, and tethering capabilities with smart phones and tablets.  Hopefully this crowdfunded and HIGHLY reviewed company brings this new technology to the forefront of smartglass in the classroom.







Product: Meta Pro

Price: $3,650 (comsumer) $667 (Developer)

Timing: September 2014                                                    Above: Meta Pro

Image Credit: Meta

Features: It has a 40-degree field of view with a screen area that is 15 times the screen area of Google Glass. It lets you view a giant, 3D holographic HD screen, which can display 1280 x 720 pixel images for each eye. It has twin RGB cameras, stereoscopic 3D, 3D surround sound, 3D time of flight sensors, and a 9-axis integrated motion unit with accelerometer, gyroscope and compass.

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