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Update about EduGlasses and its AMAZING success!!!

With the help of EduGlasses and Google over the past year, I have been exploring the use cases of Google glass in the elementary Classroom and have seen exponential growth across all grade levels just using this amazing piece of classroom EdTech.  This growth has even spawned Florida State, Florida Gulf Coast University, and other institutions to examine the benefits of glass in the educational realm.

Last year, I was able to host both of the prior mentioned universities into my classroom over a semester to examine student testing scores, engagement, organization in the class, and classroom management.   The results from this University white paper study was phenomenal and extremely conclusive of the benefits of glass in class, both from a student perspective and from a teacher perspective.  Glass has been revolutionizing classrooms all over the World with the help of EduGlasses, and has increased my student comprehension, engagement, and performance on standardized assessments 26% over the past 2 years.  However, this increase is truly revolutionized when you look at the data from including the Front Flip platform by EduGlasses.

Glass itself is a great product for educators all over the world, but it is truly enhanced by the FrontFlip platform.  With the help of the EduGlasses Front Flip platform I was able to engage, manage, organize, and monitor in real time during the everyday educational context.  My students were truly engaged in comprehension, and I was able to move hands-free all over the classroom to ensure total classroom involvement.  Just this past year alone, student scores increased two fold—that means a 46% increase from the prior two years.  The lessons remained the same, but the only thing that changed was Google Glass and the EduGlasses FrontFlip Platform.   This new way of teaching enhanced the classroom experience, allowed proper classroom management, shortened the time students were in a “lecture” setting, and gave opportunity to true hands on learning.

FGCU helped EduGlasses and my classroom publish a whitepaper using academic analysis and data called Glasses In Classes.   This white paper investigated the advantages, disadvantages, growth, challenges, and benefits of glass in the classroom.  FGCU gave us this amazing opportunity to use their vast amounts of resources to truly academically investigate the statistical benefits of Glass in the Classroom and using the FrontFlip platform alongside Google Glass.   In fact, using this amazing tool has caused such a rift because of its exponential growth in student comprehension that FETC invited me to come share my experiences with educators around the United States and Canada. https://youtu.be/Etj0s6WbqYo   In addition this amazing piece of technology was noted by administrators across many districts and schools, and it was nominated (as well as myself) for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching.

Just in the past year alone, we have released Glass with the FrontFlip platform into colleges, universities, international institutions, elementary classrooms, middle school classrooms, and even high school educational institutions.  This piece of technology is truly revolutionizing thousands of students around the world, and is giving teachers another tool in their arsenal to effectively educate the students of tomorrow.

If you are interested in our Glass Platform or Google Glass themselves head over to our online store.





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